Why would I try Forest therapy/ forest bathing?

We all often feel lost and overwhelmed by life in this busy modern world and it is easy to at these times to reach for something to fill the void, null the pain, be it food, Tv, drink, drugs, shopping, sex.. But this time why not try heading outside to your nearest park or wood?

Spending time in Nature brings us back to our real place in the world. It helps us regain our sense of belonging. Many of us have forgotten how to do this – how to be in Nature – and that’s where forest bathing walks come in. Like yoga they connect you back into your whole self as a part of nature. Sharing the experience with others in the group offers us a space to be heard, valued and connect with each other. The forest always offers us wisdoms and insight as we walk, sometimes in ways beyond words and at others through our own or other people’s sudden inspiration. Everything is valued, and time is taken to really be, so you come away with a rich dose of love, medicine (from the essential oils released by the trees and plants), improved concentration, creative inspiration and peace.

For most of our time here on this planet we have lived in harmony as part of the natural world. We evolved as part of it. We tended it and it fed us, sheltered us and inspired us. It is only in the last 0.09% of our existence that this has changed to the way we relate to nature today, something separate and often superfluous to our needs. We do not see what we are doing while caught in this matrix of modern technology and commodity. Like nature we are suffering. Did you know that trees release chemicals (phytoncides) that protect them from attack and these same chemicals boost our immune systems and our NK (natural Killer) cells which help us fight attack from cancers and other disease?

There is scientific proof that time in woodland or forest helps balance our blood pressure, lower our cortisol and helps our parasympathetic system come to the fore giving us a break from the seesaw of anxiety, anger and depression. The health benefits of one day in the woods last up to 30 days.

Forest bathing is a practice that can be learnt and then shared with friends and loved ones. Like other practices, such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates there is something freeing in being held in a class or group. You can dive deeper, give it your full attention, learn from each other and feel a communion of spirit.

Speaking of spirit. Forest bathing originated in Japan and it is believed to draw on their culture of reverence for the more than human world. Their temples of Shintoism are groves of ancient trees, special places of natural power much like our own sacred places in Nature honoured by our Celtic ancestors.

The trees are still here, waiting to see us and be seen and valued. So are all the beings of the natural world. We are all made up of the same molecules as rock, water, plants and trees. These molecules are not static, they constantly interchange as we breathe, drink and eliminate waste. We cannot be separate, we are part of all this is.


“Humans have been evolving for more than 2 million years yet have lived relatively insulated from nature for only the last 10,000 years.” E O Wilson, on  biophilia

To book a walk contact me or follow this link

Spring equinox journey

Wednesday 22nd March
10.30am – 1.30pm
Orley common, Devon

Spring is here and the days and nights come into balance. Join me for a deeply playful exploration into what this means for you and celebrate the abundance of life at this time.
The journey includes a guided walking meditation. Invitations to create pieces of ephemeral art and let your inner poet out.
Experience a deep peace as daily stresses melt away during this guided practice for mental and emotional wellbeing.
These sessions are for adults only. Small friendly group. Lift shares
£10/ £15.
Booking essential, as is prepayment for the event to go ahead.

Email me emma@emmacapper.co.uk to book your place.

Winter wanders for wellbeing

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Start again January 16th at the new time 1.30pm – 3pm. Meet on Vire Island, Totnes.

These sessions are offered to inspire creativity and self reflection. Sharing in a warm playful held space. Check out my facebook page for the latest info.

cost : donation

Text me if you are coming 07771515817.


“Nature has many ways of refilling us. When we awake to the glory of a beautiful sunrise she fills us with hope. When we play like children in the waterfall she fills us with joy. When we answer her thunder with our own she fills us with power. When we kneel by the river and surrender an image of our lost one to its currents, she fills us with grief. When we sit with the wisdom that comes from seeing and understanding our journey, watching swans gliding in silence on the dark lake, she fills us with reverence. And when the work is done and we stand alone on the hillside beneath the stars she fills us with grace.”    Ian Siddons Heginworth