Creative Journeys at Fingle Woods

This month saw me on a wonderful creative journey for the Woodland trust in their Fingle Woods with a lovely bunch of folk from the group drink wise- age well. Click this link to the Fingle blog and find out more of what we got up to in the words of Matt Parkins who co hosted with me.

artist in semi-residence at Schumacher college

This academic year I have taken a place at Schumacher College, Dartington as their artist in semi-residence. Semi as I’m only there part time and not living on campus.

Due to the sudden death of my father in September, I did not get stuck in straight away. Instead an organic raveling is occurring as I gently find my place and purpose within this inspiring and loving community.

I started last week, offering a weekly creative journey on a Thursday afternoon to Students, staff and volunteers. We set out in the sun enjoying the leaves crunching underfoot on a journey around the grounds of the college, discovering parts of the garden unknown to the participants. We found ourselves by the turf Labyrinth and by unanimous agreement took part in a moving ritual, walking inward to the center releasing our fears and blocks and then walking out to chants of our own words of self encouragement and positive affirmation.

This Thursday, if the rain is not too heavy we shall venture deep into north woods.


“I have found participating in Emma’s Creative Journeys to have been a really worthwhile thing to have done.  She thoughtfully prepares and leads each journey, but the guiding is gentle and sensitive to the needs of the participants, and there is openness to the spontaneity of what might happen en route.   I particularly liked the creation of something personal out of materials from nature gathered on the walk, and the symbolic use of this in ritual elements of the journey later on.  The invitation to write and share something of each journey was a nice way to close the experience.  I felt more aware, relaxed and connected as a result of taking part.  I’d certainly recommend coming along if your interest is sparked – you won’t regret it .  Time in nature is always worth it, and Emma has a lovely way of facilitating creativity in that experience.” – Adam Skerrett Schumacher student Myth and ecology 2017/18

Spring equinox journey

Wednesday 22nd March
10.30am – 1.30pm
Orley common, Devon

Spring is here and the days and nights come into balance. Join me for a deeply playful exploration into what this means for you and celebrate the abundance of life at this time.
The journey includes a guided walking meditation. Invitations to create pieces of ephemeral art and let your inner poet out.
Experience a deep peace as daily stresses melt away during this guided practice for mental and emotional wellbeing.
These sessions are for adults only. Small friendly group. Lift shares
£10/ £15.
Booking essential, as is prepayment for the event to go ahead.

Email me to book your place.

Creative journeys for Carers

This Autumn I am offering a new programme of workshops and weekly sessions for mental health Carers.

A time to put down your responsibilities to others and nourish yourself in Nature.
Learn a practice for relaxing, releasing stress and grounding anxiety.
An opportunity for self reflection and an invitation to share with others in a safe supportive space.
Open up your senses mindfully absorbing the elemental benefit of being in Nature. Find peace and stillness away from the business of your mind.
Experience the beauty of the woodlands throughout the changing seasons.
Step into a space of playful imagination.
Open to your intuition and the whisperings of your own creative muse.