Moving magic


Inner landscapes

A one day workshop with Rebecca Faro & I

Opening to the magic of your imagination

This autumn we invite you on a journey to discover and engage the magic within you – Through playful expressive movement, art and creative writing we shall follow the threads of our intuition and weave  spells of manifestation.

Sunday 5th October 2014
10.30- 4.30pm
The Court House, Staverton, Devon

Testimonial from previous inner landscapes

“I felt a rare opportunity to tap into a special creative place within myself and through interacting with others in the safe and friendly space you held for us. A very special experience that went deep and brought up joy, the very thing i feel I tend to forget and lack somehow. 
I loved the combination of the art work and dancing inspired by the foundation of visualisation and intention at the start of the day. The dancing was particularly special and significant for me – it was a space in which i was able to explore and express deep and true parts of myself. I have no doubt this is very healing in self expression and personal growth. I look forward to participating more with you both.” Olivia flenley -musician


Weekly sessions



Tuesdays are changing….I am stepping out into the woods to play with Nature. Get in touch if you want to join me.

Wednesday Group Starts back on 3rd September 2014, 10am – 12 noon.

Look forward to seeing you then.


Inner landscapes 21st July 2013

Inner landscapes 21st July 2013What does your inner landscape look like, feel like, move like? Where does it sit in your body? In this one day workshop we will be exploring, discovering and creating our inner landscape through expressive movement and art, creative writing and visualisation enabling us to connect more deeply with our inner world therefore creating a more fulfilling & authentic outer world. Leading you into a place of inner strength and peace. Feeling connection, self knowledge and greater well being.

You are invited to a one day workshop with myself and Rebecca Faro, a brilliant dancer and workshop leader in movement and dance.
She has been running popular creative movement workshops in U.K. and Spain, where she lives, for the past 25 years.
I have worked with her in Spain and I am really excited to be bringing our collaboration to Devon.

Inner landscapes

reb and me

 Rebecca faro and I have been working together in the U.K & Spain over several years. Together we have developed ‘Inner Landscapes’ workshops which combines our skills to create  a unique & bountiful blend of expressive movement & art, creative writing & visualization. We call our work  ‘Inner Landscapes’ because we reflect upon & express our own inner landscapes relishing in our unique & authentic selves. We play & create together, exploring the light & the shadow in a supportive group environment.

We currently run workshops in Devon.

‘The space was held graciously and with sensitivity, inviting us to safely explore and play.’ Vimmi

‘Thank you Emma and Rebecca for providing us with such a safe, welcoming and held space’. Shell

This autumn’s theme for our one day workshop is

Honoring the bones of our being


As autumn makes room for winter’s entrance this November, we too can shed what no longer serves our unique creative selves and lay it down as compost for next year’s growth with gratitude.

Inspired by you and our last Inner landscapes adventure we have cooked up a delicious menu of delights in our creative cauldron. We just need you there to complete the magic as we tenderly release and reveal our wondrously potent selves together.

If you would like to book us to run a workshop at your center or event please contact me here.