Creative coaching sessions

Fly free with your imagination

Knowing how inspiring and soothing spending time in woodland is for me I am moved to offer one on one creative coaching sessions based on my practice of Creative Journeys.

If you are feeling stuck with a project, need support and a good confidential listening ear to help you step forward with a new idea. Or you want to embrace more creativity into your life do get in touch and together we shall strike out on an adventure to uncover and manifest your dream.

“I’ve enjoyed our one-to-one sessions.  They have felt truly spiritual and healing, journeys spent in the company of a trusted friend.  Through your own deep connection to nature you’ve re-awakened my own, and  I can sense the knots in my creative life loosening up.  Thank you Emma – for insights and encouragement, and your gentle way of perceiving all creative endeavours as joyful”.   Pip M