Expressive art workshops

Expressive art session
Simple black on white, losing oneself in the feel and sound of the brush as it strokes the page. Play with rhythm and angle. Breathe out the ink from its bristles

Emma has over 25 years experience as an artist in a diverse range of fields and mediums. She has applied this experience and a training in Person-centred art therapy since 2001 to individuals and group settings.
“I have a strong belief in the power of creative process to enhance, uplift and transform our outlook on life. To be witnessed and heard as we reconnect to the voice of our authentic soul through the magic of metaphor and image we can share from our hearts and shatter the illusion of separation between each other and the natural world.
I have held this belief in the healing power of the arts, since I was 15yrs old, born of my own experience of the release and joy I find through making and painting.”

Emma holds individual and group sessions in Devon for adults. These sessions are playful. We explore all kinds of creative media letting curiosity and intuition be our guides and inspiration. Emotions and stress are effortlessly released in the process and sharing deepens our understanding of ourselves and each other.

“Emma’s connection with the creative arts is contagious! She helped me reach stuck places within myself with such a gentle grace and intuitive guidance. Her workshops are a rich tapestry of creative play and deeply insightful exercises within a safe space. Her connection with nature is always weaved into this healing journey.” Rebecca Heloise Faro

‘Emma provides a relaxed non-judgemental environment in which to experiment and play with the fun and joyful side of art. The sessions are structured, yet relaxed and informal. Emma uses a variety of techniques which enables everyone to explore their unique creativity, without feeling self conscious about their ability. Emma’s passion for everything playful in art is infectious’. Julian

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