I am for the Art that takes its form through the sight of

my spirits eye.

A view without a formed beginning,

An adventure of expression through the happy accident

of lines meeting colour,

a flick, a jump,

a sigh of ahhh,

a circle of joy,

A pooling of sadness,

a stroke of love,

a bounce of comedy,

a howl of despair…….


Emma is an Expressive artist and Nature and Forest therapy guide living and working in Devon, England.

Born in London in 1971, to an English father and an Australian mother, I was blessed with daily childhood visits to Kew Gardens. The smell of their hothouses forever lingers in my scent memory. When I was four years old my family moved to the west coast of Scotland, where I spent the best part of my childhood; climbing the hills, sailing the lochs and exploring the glens.

Due to my mother’s origins I was lucky enough to visit South Australia as a child, where I was overwhelmed by the immense blue skies that contrast with the rich ochres of the land. I believe it was there that I became a colour junky and I have been ‘tripping’ on nature’s pallet ever since.


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