success in our quest


“..a really worthwhile opportunity to experience the woods in a fresh and thought inspiring way. It is rich and relaxing and connecting – with nature and fellow group members.” Hembury wander for well-being participant

“I really appreciated being given the space and opportunity to ‘play’. To interact with trees and moss and water in a curious, childlike way.”Hembury wander for well-being participant

“Deep, intimate, connecting, relaxing, beautiful, wonder-ful, heightening senses, increasing appreciation, slowing down, changing focus. Spiritual”Hembury wander for well-being participant

“The forest is a healer. It gives you a beautiful safe space to drop into. Deep peace, relaxation, wisdom and joy. Emma held the walk in a gentle warm knowledgeable way and her love for the woods sparks life in you.”Mitch

” a well held, gently guided space with a healthy variety of inquiries. Presence and mystery finely bended” Hembury wander for well-being participant

“arriving with some heaviness – the stuff of life weighing me somewhat. The journey took me into my being, took my being into connection with nature – lifted me, held me, then let me fly. Thank you for the gift of today. ” Kim

” thank you Emma, I loved how you built so much space into the session – which allowed my playfulness and creativity to come out ( this side of me is usually pushed to the background with all the responsibilities of Life!) Kate

“I have enjoyed having environmental art sessions with Emma Capper for over a year now. Emma s very skilled at supporting me to explore feelings and personal experiences through using natural materials found in the woods, talking, storytelling and through simple ritual activities. I have always felt very safe and supported by Emma. She is a very genuine and caring person. I love the sense of space, wonder and freedom that I feel in my sessions with Emma. She brings a brilliant sense of spontaneity and ease to her work. I highly recommend working with Emma to anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of themselves and their connection with nature.”  Jess Howarth

“As a carer, Emma Capper’s Creative Journey’s provide an essential break from my often stressful and intense caring role and really help maintain my well-being. The journeys provide wonderful creative time out in nature, to connect with the seasonal energies and have time just for me, with a wonderful group. I greatly look forward to them and I also really appreciate Emma’s support to help me access them at a time which fits in with caring responsibilities. The Creative Journeys also have a long term benefit from connecting with the flowing natural cycle of nature’s year and inspiring my creativity and ongoing awareness of my well-being. There are many other people who I am sure would also gain great benefit and enjoyment from Emma’s Creative Journeys and her natural creativity and nurturing spirit, so I very much hope she is successful in growing her wonderful Venture.”   Sarah Thomas
(I am a Mother, carer for my two autistic/disabled sons and my visually impaired elderly mother with memory problems).

“Emma’s approach to developing personal responses to and with the natural world are immersive, gentle but guided. I found her work with a group was intuitive and responsive – allowing people to progress at their own pace. During our short session together with a group Emma was able to help everyone achieve – even those who professed to being ‘not creative’. Personal responses to nature were shared in an open, supportive learning environment; participants were visibly pleased with their work and the reactions from the rest of the group.”      Orlando Rutter, Senior Learning & Outreach Officer. Dartmoor National Park Authority.

“I really enjoyed the chance to take things slowly, thoroughly soak in the nature around us, and the sweetness of the element of play. I go on many walks, but these sessions have encouraged me to enjoy, immerse, listen, and touch the things that are around me. I have found this a valuable practice that I can take into my daily life more often, and a wonderful gift to share with others.”   Amy