A poem by John


Emma Capper is coming on my show.

She led me on a guided walk you know.

It was a snowy winter’s day,

The deer in a field were eating hay,

In the Deer park at Dartington Hall,

Which is surrounded by a recently repaired wall!

There were four participants including me…

Becky and Roma and of course Emma, the other three.

The weather was bracing as I have said,

At first sight the woods appear dead.

But there was plenty of wild life.

 Particularly Birds who ignored us, because we didn’t create a fuss!

We exchanged energies with the trees…

I feel they communicated with me,

Then a guided meditation.

Based on sensing the ecology.

Through smell taste sight and sound,

As we sat on the welcoming ground!

And finally a cup of warming  tea

Enjoyed by everyone, especially me.

It was made from leaves of a fir tree,

A Douglas fir in fact,

Enjoyed in a hollow off the track.

With a feast of nuts, fruit and flapjack

All in all the event I did enjoy,

Even though I was the only boy!

Emma was the perfect host

Not flinching when I spoke of my father’s ghost!

She treated us with such compassion,

That will never go out of fashion!

I really do recommend,

That you attend

And walk with Em.

To feel more connected with nature.

A Bathe in the Forest is the stuff,

That can succour and heal all of us!!


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