A poem by John


Emma Capper is coming on my show.

She led me on a guided walk you know.

It was a snowy winter’s day,

The deer in a field were eating hay,

In the Deer park at Dartington Hall,

Which is surrounded by a recently repaired wall!

There were four participants including me…

Becky and Roma and of course Emma, the other three.

The weather was bracing as I have said,

At first sight the woods appear dead.

But there was plenty of wild life.

 Particularly Birds who ignored us, because we didn’t create a fuss!

We exchanged energies with the trees…

I feel they communicated with me,

Then a guided meditation.

Based on sensing the ecology.

Through smell taste sight and sound,

As we sat on the welcoming ground!

And finally a cup of warming  tea

Enjoyed by everyone, especially me.

It was made from leaves of a fir tree,

A Douglas fir in fact,

Enjoyed in a hollow off the track.

With a feast of nuts, fruit and flapjack

All in all the event I did enjoy,

Even though I was the only boy!

Emma was the perfect host

Not flinching when I spoke of my father’s ghost!

She treated us with such compassion,

That will never go out of fashion!

I really do recommend,

That you attend

And walk with Em.

To feel more connected with nature.

A Bathe in the Forest is the stuff,

That can succour and heal all of us!!


winter wanders

Such colour in the depths of winter. The light has been liquid gold and silver bright through mists and across freezing fields. Witch hazel in bloom, sending it’s medicinal scent into the air.

Next Winter wander on 1st February. Book here