I am for the Art that takes its form through the sight of

my spirits eye.

A view without a formed beginning,

An adventure of expression through the happy accident

of lines meeting colour,

a flick, a jump,

a sigh of ahhh,

a circle of joy,

A pooling of sadness,

a stroke of love,

a bounce of comedy,

a howl of despair…….


Born in London in 1971, to an English father and an Australian mother, I was blessed with daily childhood visits to Kew Gardens. The smell of their hothouses forever lingers in my scent memory. When I was four years old my family moved to the west coast of Scotland, where I spent the best part of my childhood; climbing the hills, sailing the lochs and exploring the glens.

Due to my mother’s origins I was lucky enough to visit South Australia as a child, where I was overwhelmed by the immense blue skies that contrast with the rich ochres of the land. I believe it was there that I became a colour junky and I have been ‘tripping’ on nature’s pallet ever since.


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  1. Hi Emma, finally make time to look at your website,whilst breakfasting and considering what I want to do today and what I must do before I leave for a 5 wek work/family visit to my homeland Jersey on Tuesday. I’ve reached no further than this opening page yet and what a well placed comments slip….I’m struck by your beautiful writing. Thanks xx

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